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Where do we go wrong?

April 25, 2011

Last night I was watching America’s Next Great Restaurant, a show I have recently become addicted to. One of the contestant’s restaurant pitches is to have a healthy, fast casual, restaurant structured around the concept of sustainability. I think this is an awesome idea, however, on last night’s episode the judges criticized her decisions. Why? Because she had decided to take lamb out of a recipe as she thought the animals were raised in pens and fed antibiotics and hormones. The judges corrected her, and the contestant later said she confused veal with lamb.

Her statements piqued my curiosity. I realized that in all of my research on issues in animal agriculture I hadn’t found much criticism of the sheep industry. Granted the industry is a much smaller portion of American agriculture, however they don’t seem to even have a small target on their back.

I began digging and found that there were 365,000 lambs and sheep slaughtered in 2010. Although I couldn’t find an exact number, many sources say 750,000 veal calves are slaughtered per year. Video after video of abuse at veal farms is released, yet I have yet to find an investigation done on a lamb producer.

So what’s the difference? Why target other sectors of animal agriculture, yet leave the sheep industry alone? I don’t have the answer, and I will continue to search for it. But in the mean time, maybe we as agriculturists should take a look at the American sheep industry and ask, where do we go wrong?


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