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When she was younger, Brittany Jurgemeyer could always be found following her dad around their swine and diversified crop farm.

From the time Jurgemeyer was a child she knew that the agriculture industry was where she belonged.

 Her love of agriculture grew along with her age and she became very involved in FFA and 4-H throughout high school. Her involvement in these organizations throughout high school helped to influence her decision to attend Iowa State University.

Currently Jurgemeyer is a sophomore at Iowa State, majoring in Public Service and Administration in Agriculture with minors in Agricultural Education and Journalism. Her love for the agriculture industry as well as education is why Jurgemeyer wants to have a career in non-formal agriculture education, teaching students young and old about agriculture.

Serving as a National Collegiate Agricultural Ambassador gives Jurgemeyer the opportunity to educate others on food production.

Participating in programs such as the National Collegiate Agricultural Ambassadors, Agricultural Education club, as well as the National Agri-Marketing Association has allowed Jurgemeyer to grow and expand her knowledge of the agriculture industry and gain skills in curriculum writing and workshop presenting.

Jurgemeyer started the blog “the Five W’s of Food Production,” in order to increase consumer awareness of food production. By visiting the blog she hopes consumers begin to understand why food is produced the way it is, and how they are related to the agriculture industry.



To learn what I think please visit “My Opinions” section, for more information on agriculture news visit check out the fact sheets, or news releases. For more information about the Five W’s of Food Production please visit the backgrounder section.

If you would like to know more about the Five W’s of Food Production, please visit Who, What, When, Where and Why.

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