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Founded in 2010, The 5 W’s of Food Production is an online blog and resource devoted to helping consumers understand where the food they eat comes from, and how the agriculture industry affects their everyday lives. Brittany Jurgemeyer has made it her life’s mission to educate others about food production and agriculture. Located in Ames, IA, Jurgemeyer started The 5 W’s of Food Production for a class project during her sophomore year at Iowa State University.

Today The 5 W’s is still in its early stages of development. As time goes on it will continue to grow and will one day hopefully be known as a key source of information for consumers.

The 5 W’s of Food Production’s mission:

“The 5 W’s of Food Production aims to educate consumers on all aspects of food production and the agriculture industry through up to date news, multimedia, and the who, what, when, where, and whys of food production.”

In creating this blog, Jurgemeyer has the goals of connecting consumers to their food, introducing aspects of all different types of agriculture, and creating a resource for consumers on information relating to food production.

We are all impacted by agriculture, making The 5 W’s brighter than ever. The 5 W’s of Food Production will continue to grow, and hopes to be known throughout the world one day, until then, The 5 W’s will continue to educate, one person at a time.

  1. bugejad permalink

    Love your blog. Can I have permission to share with other students?
    Ms. B

    • britjurg permalink

      Definitely! I hope to continually update it with new information.

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