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Agriculture is everywhere, impacts everything, and something that I believe we would not be able to survive without. There are many facets to the industry, and it takes every single one of those facets in order to make agriculture the great industry it is, and to be able to meet the food production needs of our world.


Recently we’ve seen a growth in consumers demand for local food, as well as a higher number of either consumers growing their own food, or farmers producing food to sell directly to the consumer. Local farmers are important. With so many people becoming disconnected with their food, local producers are vital in closing the gap.

The Project for Public Services stated that “if Detroit got just 20% of its fresh food from local sources, it would create more than 40,000 jobs.”  Local food production aids in revitalizing rural communities, and can resurrect the economy as well. All while connecting consumers to the food they put on their table.

Want to meet a producer who sells his products locally? View this video in our multimedia section!

Modern Production

Charlie Arnot, founder of CMA consulting, stated in his speech at the 2010 Agriculture Future of America conference that if we produced food as we did in the 1950’s we would only have enough food to feed the states of Texas, and California. Modern agriculture is important to our survival as a population, and the continuation of the world as we know it.

Technological advancements have helped producers increase efficiency, and produce food that uses less land, resources, and contamination. Because livestock are kept in buildings they are less susceptible to disease. Increased knowledge of sustainability and biotechnology has allowed producers to cut down on environmental impacts, as well as increase the amount that is produced on less land.

For more information on the benefits of modern agriculture, read Giving Thanks to Contemporary Agriculture.

Urban Production

Sky farms, green roofs, the New York science barge, and White House gardens. Urban agriculture is becoming popular as well. Many consumers want to grow their own food. Once again this creates a connection between a consumer and their food. Urban production also cuts down on the distance that food has to travel to get to consumers.

We need all sectors…

These are a few sectors of agriculture. There are many more, and together they create one industry. One industry that our entire world depends on. It’s more than just local food production, modern production, organic, or urban. Agriculture is defined as the “the production, processing, marketing, and use of foods, fibers and byproducts from plant crops and animals,” by Wikipedia. This definition includes all sectors of agriculture, and will continue to need all of those sectors.

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