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Antibiotic Resistance

  • The Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production defines non-therapeutic as “any use of antimicrobials in food animals in the absence of clinical disease or known (documented) disease exposure; i.e. any use of the drug as a food or water additive for growth.”
  • The FDA recommends, “limiting medically important antimicrobial drugs to uses in food-producing animals that are considered necessary for assuring animal health; and limiting such drugs to uses in food-producing animals that include veterinary oversight or consultation.”
  • Demark banned the use of non-therapeutic antibiotics in livestock in 2003. This ban is similar to the guidelines the FDA is proposing.
  • The ban in Denmark of antibiotics used for growth promotion resulted in increased intestinal disease in animals and increased therapeutic use of antibiotics.
  • Since the Denmark ban, resistant rates in human Salmonella cases have increased. Denmark has seen a largest increase in human MRSA cases since it banned antibiotic growth promotion in animal agriculture.
  • A new study by a former U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) economist estimates the total economic impact of food borne illness across the nation to be a combined $152 billion annually.
  • Cost to US medical care sector of treatment for patients with infections caused by resistant organisms estimated to be $4-7 billion per year according to the American Society for Microbiology Report of the ASM task force on antibiotic resistance.

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