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The Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers

The Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers (CSIF) is an organization devoted to helping farmers, and to building communities.

Feedstuffs Foodlink

A great website that highlights current happenings in the agriculture industry, as well as with food production. There are fact sheets, podcasts, videos, and articles.

Advocates for Agriculture

This agricultural advocate compiles interesting news articles on his blog, and then adds his comments on how they relate to the agriculture industry.

Choose2Choose is a great website advocating consumer freedom in their food choices.

The Animal Agricultural Alliance

This alliance works in Washington D.C, educating consumers on livestock production, and responding to media stories.

The World Health Organization

The World Health Organization makes sure the food we eat is safe. They deal with all aspects of food production and consumption.

Keep Our Food Safe

This website is dedicated to providing information on food safety. It has great articles and commentary from experts.

Cause Matters

Cause Matters Corp. works to connect “farm gate to consumers plate.” This is a great blog, and website that has a lot of resources.

Center for Food Integrity

The Center for Food Integrity is building consumer trust in their food. They conduct research and communicate with consumers to find out what they want in a food system.

Best Food Facts

Experts weigh in on current food issues, and answer questions that are raised by concerned consumers.

Food Price Truth

Many people are concerned with rising food prices. This website expels common myths about why food prices rise.

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