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Education about where our food comes from should start with early education. Some teachers may not know how to incorporate food production and agriculture into their curriculum. I have compiled a list of websites and resources for teachers and anyone who wants to teach others about the Five W’s of Food.

Brittany Jurgemeyer


NOTE: If you wish to use any of the curriculum I have created please comment on this page with your contact information. I will then send you copies of all of the curriculum you have requested.



Agriculture in the Classroom

The United States Department of Agriculture funds Ag in the Classroom which teaches students about agriculture.

Food History Timeline

This website has a lot of great resources for those wanting to teach about the history of food.

U.S. Poultry and Egg Association

This association has resources about food safety, eggs, and agriculture in general.

Iowa Agriculture Curriculum

This curriculum was written for first grade students to educate them about Iowa Agriculture.

Agriculture Advocacy

This curriculum is geared towards high school students who are interested in advocating for the agriculture industry. Don’t forget to download the supporting materials and handouts!


Want to know who is involved in agriculture? This curriculum is for you! Teach younger aged elementary students about the people who put food on their table every day!

Sustainability- Then and Now

Developed for 5th grade students this curriculum focuses on how agriculture has maintained sustainability throughout the past 100 years. Don’t forget the stories and worksheets!

Agriculture What’s That?

Lower elementary students will define agriculture through interactive games, and fun group activities!

  • Matching game
  • Matching game 2

Coming Soon!

The Five W’s of Food Production Curriculum. There will be five separate sections, one for Who, What, When, Where and Why. Each of these curriculum’s will be geared toward lower elementary, but will be easily adaptable to older classrooms.



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